1. Fun Park HD implements the theme of amusement park;

  2. Six mini games in one pack,  related to each other by total score;

  3. Game Center integration and in-game high scores;

  4. Exciting and addictive gameplay;

  5. Possibility to choose sound: background music or ambient;

  6. Fun Park HD sharpens your mind by training different skills: visual memory, attention and concentration, logical and thinking, reaction and mental arithmetic. 

    FUN PARK HD is iPad game created for kids and adults of all ages. You will surely enjoy its gameplay, visual  effects, animation, ability to choose sound: background music or ambient. The game is very easy to operate and it has  intuitive interface.  This is very addictive game and it’s worth your attention.

    Fun Park HD  provides you with SIX different high quality mini games and ONE attraction - A Ferris wheel.

    Spin the Ferris wheel with “GO”  button. First you are given 15 spins, but you can get more with various bonuses.    Watch the red arrow to  reveal the choice: selected mini game, bonus or loss.

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